Kraven Magazine May 2013 – Universal Memory

Nathan is proud to present his third article for the enlightened GLBT Kraven Magazine!

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Here is a excerpt of Nathan’s article “Universal Memory” from the March issue, Theme “Memories”. Discover the techniques to practice & recover your memory:

“In your past lies the key to your present destiny. There are ways to unlock the forgotten knowledge within your soul. A greater understanding of your entire being will enlighten the divine path of this very lifetime of yours.

What is your oldest souvenir? When you were 3 or 6 years old, or can you remember some of your past lives? Sometimes we get these images into our mind that we cannot place in time, yet they are attached to very strong emotions. It is the revived knowledge of our past lives, in connection with the universal memory. I will show you the way to reconnect with this past and how it can enhance your experience of your life and others’….”

Blu Nathan -Universal Memory - Kraven May 2013

Blu Nathan -Universal Memory – Kraven May 2013

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