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The Leisure Of The Soul- Complete Article

Namaste beautiful souls,

I will finally release the integral series of spiritual articles I wrote for the enlightened GLBT Kraven Magazine. For your pleasure & learnings, here is the “The Leisure Of The Soul”, first released in April 2013. Feel free to share & spread the wisdom.


The Leisure Of The Soul by Blu NathanWhat activities do you like to do for fun? No matter what it is, remember that there is always a possible spiritual way of enjoying it! Who said spirituality cannot be fun? Somehow, it makes you feel so good inside, and so alive, that it is truly enjoyable for your soul. After all, when you grow in the spiritual realm, when you achieve a new level of consciousness or vibration – you feel like celebrating!

Here are five different types of entertainments and the ethereal ways of embracing them. You should definitely consider trying them to enhance your level of pleasure and experience of life!

This medium contains the best aspects to elevate your soul. As we are music, it connects with our inner vibrations and can be very uplifting. When you listen to a track, feel the melody from within, feel it in your heart. Let it take you to a trance where you can expand your soul. My first trance was achieved by listening to “Rain” by Madonna. During the bridge, when the synth pad gets higher, I felt like my body was expanding, almost floating. I had chills all over and I felt so good. Choose your songs wisely, in order to match the vibration you want to experience.
The other beautiful thing in music is the words. They contain a message that the artists have for you. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll often find that the words are perfectly synchronised with your thoughts or your acts, and they may provide answers to your quest of the moment. I was once walking in a park at night. In a moment of embracing the energy of Mother Nature, I stopped to hug very tall tree in my arms. Then I wondered, “If that tree could talk, what would it say?” The music of the French singer Dalida was playing on my iPod, and at that very moment the song said: “And our eyes, cannot find sleep. How can a tree find sleep when it is on fire, leaning towards the sun?”

Movies and Books:
When you read a book or watch a good movie, are you like me, completely drawn and focused into the action? Does it seem like you are playing all the different characters and feeling their emotions and movements? Admit that you enjoyed seeing yourself as Neo when you watched the “Matrix”, Gandalf in the “Lord of the Rings”, or even Dory in “Finding Nemo”. These personages all have something in common with you or represent a certain part of you that you would like to express. Living the action is the best way to embrace all the beautiful messages that the cinematographers have created for you. There is, in every movie, something that you need to understand of this world and of yourself.
One of my favorites is “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc”. My whole body was shaking the moment she led the warriors on the battlefield. I always get very emotional when I see those great fights on a silver screen, for my soul remembers the fights that I have led in past lives. Oh yes, I have a warrior’s soul, which has evolved today into a peaceful warrior. As for you, are there moments that you feel like you have already been in the action of some movies in real life?

Social Gatherings:
I love them! They provide a great way to connect with souls that you have encountered before – or those you encounter for the first time. You can benefit from beautiful energetic exchanges with good music and drinks. Oh yes, drinks can be spiritual. While they may have a delicious taste, they also bring inhibitions down. Therefore, you can more easily get in touch with the essence of everyone, even strangers, while they enjoy exposing their true selves. Of course keep in mind that drinking, like all things in life, remains good only if done in balance.
My favourite time of a gathering: when I start to read people’s palms! I am always curious to see the amazed look in the eyes of someone I just met, when I tell his or her path of life, talents, challenges and best qualities. They get so excited with this guidance that others line up for me to read their palms as well. Though I learned it intuitively, it is a power that we all possess. Remember, someone in that crowd, in every crowd, has a message for you – and you have a message for them too!

Whether you’re at a gym, doing Yoga, dancing, doing acrobatics, on the floor or on a playing field, being in control of your body provides great fulfilment. That balance reaches your mind and your soul. Proper breathing is the key to feeding your muscles with oxygen and energy, in order to synch your movements and be at your best. Proper breathing will enhance your flexibility, strength and balance, which are an evolving process rather than an achievement. The more you practice, the greater your performances will be.
Get creative! Mix the different techniques that you know through the practice of a certain sport. After years of muscle training at the gym, I started to be bored of always repeating the same exercises day after day. For fun, I decided to try to lift weights in the tree pose of Yoga. Here I was training my shoulders, standing on one leg. At first I was a bit shy since I was not alone at the gym, but the fulfilment of being able to be such in control of my body was terrific. Plus I discovered that, by being in a Yoga pose while training, my breathing was more fluid and my movements were smooth like never before, so that every muscle, even the tiniest one, was getting the most of the training. Every time I find a new pose of Yoga-weight lifting, my soul is laughing from pure fun.

Sexuality is the ultimate spiritual experience where all your sensations are fulfilled; your vision, your touch, your scent, your voice, your taste. It is the true and sacred connection and fusion of the bared bodies, where you give the best of yourself and receive the same from the other. There is a mutual attraction in every aspect of the two beings.
Kiss, moan, observe, enjoy and let your desires come true. Feel the connection in each other’s eyes. Feel the energy created by the contact of your skin. Feel the breath caressing your ears. Make it last or do it fast and do it again, but do it intensely. Feel the angelic part of you embracing the movements slowly. Feel the animal side of you devouring the movements roughly. Give, receive, listen to your body and to his or hers. In that moment, you two are one.


I hope that I have convinced you that the spiritual angle of entertainment rocks and that it will enhance your future experiences with synchronicity. Whether you are inside or embracing the beauty of the vibrant nature; on your own or surrounded by beautiful beings; in an active mode or in a relaxed state – enjoy every moment and feel the true leisure inside your soul. Once you get started, you can never go back!

Blu Nathan


© 2013 printed with permission

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