Blu Vision :

Photography: “A beautiful & powerful art of expression. An act of creation & connection between a model, a talented photographer & their united vision.”

Over the past 15 years, Nathan has worked some of the most talented photographers around the world.



Stats :

Specialty: Yoga, Aerials & Acrobatics, Fitness, Artistic Nude, Fashion

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 170 pounds
Chest: 44″
Waist: 31″

Model Mayhem Profile

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Gallery :

Desert Sky
Photographed by Jeff Palmer  Palm Springs, October 2016


Photographed by Vincent Chine  Montreal, May 2016



Photographed by Max Laurence  June 2017


Atelier Phylactère UDM

Photographed by Phylactère, Daniel Thibault, Minh Ly, Stephane Synnett 
April 2017


Nathan & Phylactere

Photographed by Loc & Mac  July 2016


Naked Silver

Photographed by Alain Dahan  July 2016


I Am Silks

Photographed by Chris Teel  April 2016


Adriatic Serenity

Photography by Josephine Dorado – Croatia September 2015

Blu Silks Journey 

Photography by Drew Frederic – July 2015



Photography by Caroline David for Veda Magazine – at Blu Nakshatra Yoga, Montreal November 2015

MTL Starlight

Photography by Renaud Dorion


White Warriors

Photography by Florent Savini – April 2015

Sanskrit Vision

Photography by Dineshkumar Chandrasekaran


Blu Shine

Photography by Florent Savini – December 2014


Postures visually vibrant of beauty & love.

With practice, discipline & breath, the body’s possibilities are endless.
Either at 35, 50, 60 or more, our souls remain forever ethereal.

Photography by Steeve Leblanc – November 2014
Asanas by Blu Nathan, Patrice Poirier & Chantal Drapeau aka Blu Acro Mama



Photographed by Chris Teel August 2014


Bali Words Of Wisdom

Photographed by Pasha Coba for Franksland Clothing  June 2014


Ubud Infinity

Photographed by Taline Boghosian – April 2014

Black Yogasana

Photographed by Wilmer Guillen January 2014

TimelessPhotographed by Bruno Ferré  October 2013


Into The Water

Photographed by Drew Frederic June 2013


LotusPhotographed by Maxime Tremblay May 2013


Zero GravityPhotographed by Maxime Tremblay March 2013


Blu Guidance

Photographed by Maxime Tremblay March 2013



Photographed by Mathieu De Foy – February 2013


Blu Angel

Photographed by Bernard Rochon – December 2012


Spirituality In The Air

Photographed by Pierre Simard – June 2012


Blu Urban Yoga

Photographed by Pierre Simard – May 2012


Night @ Day

Photographed by Chris Teel – February 2012


Down To Earth

Photographed by NJ Claude – September 2011


Gold Colors

Photographed by Bernard Rochon – June 2011


Universal Mastery

Photographed by Paul Henry Serres – March 2011



Photographed by Bernard Rochon – February 2011


One & Only

Photographed by Maxime Tremblay August 2009


6 Symbols

Photographed by Taline Boghosian – July 2009


Bold As Gold

Photographed by Yanik Dery – February 2007

  One thought on “Modelling

  1. Danielle
    October 26, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    La musique est bonne, ça donne le goût de s’évader, les photos sont superbes, je sens une belle énergie chez toi, profonde et inspirante.

    • October 28, 2012 at 12:13 AM

      Merci Danielle, et oui toute forme d’art tend à exprimer une spiritualité exacerbée. Heureux devoir que tu apprécies!

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