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Ether-real / Éther-réel

Toi & moi sommes fait d’éther, de matière céleste, de lumière. Acceuillons l’éden sur la terre, à travers nos gestes, nos prières. ************ You & I are made of ether, of the divine and it’s powers. We welcome the eden here on the earth, while our actions shines through our prayers.

Spirituality Is The New Sexy / Spiritualité, Le Nouveau Sexy

People might be attracted to beauty only for the image it projects, which is fine. At the end, they might be enlightened one day, to start a spiritual journey. Then, they will understand, that what attracted them at very first site, was the whole vibe, the aura that is surrounding this very image, rather than the image itself. On the…

Blue Veins / Veines Bleues

Viewed from the sky, the rivers are the eternal veins of the earth, nourishing life & nature, all over, for ever. For a moment, envision your whole body as the earth itself. Than, feel these flowing veins running all over your body. Bless this water, energize it & let this pure sensation fulfill and nourish your entire being, now in…