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Positivity / Positivité

The 2nd video of the Ethereal Space new series. New ones will be posted every week on different spiritual topics. Make sure to share the wisdom, like & post your comments below!


La 2ème vidéo de la nouvelle série de L’Espace Éthéré! Une nouvelle vidéo sera posté chaque semaine sur divers sujets spirituel. Faites sûr de partagez le savoir & postez vos commentaires ci-dessous!


Synchronized Words / Mots Synchronisés

I was once walking in a park at night. In a moment of embracing the energy of mother nature, I stopped to hug very tall tree in my arms. Then I wondered, if that three could talk, what would it say? As the music of the french singer Dalida was playing in my iPod, at this very moment the song…

Sudden Achievement / Achèvement Soudain

One day you may have drop a dime & after rolling on the floor for a while, it unexpectedly stops standing on it’s side rather falling flat. You may try to obtain the same result by dropping it again on purpose, but won’t happens. Meaning that in life, the greatest achievements sometimes occurs effortlessly & suddenly, in the perfection of…