Holiday Shine

Blu Nathan - Holiday Shine
Photo by Florent Savini

Dear Yogis & Yoginis

Wishing you the best of time for the upcoming celebrations & new year to come. Thanks for your loyalty. I have been blessed to see you all working to new levels of mastery, to become greater & greater enlightened beings.

In return here is my gift to you, some elevating poetry, so you keep on shining.


Chers Yogis & Yoginis

Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour les célébrations à venir et la nouvelle année. Merci de votre fidélité. J’ai eu la chance de vous voir tous travailler à de nouveaux niveaux de maîtrise, de devenir des êtres éclairés de plus en plus grands.

En retour, voici mon cadeau pour vous, un peu de poésie élevante, de sorte que vous continuez à briller.



Blu Shine

by Blu Nathan

From the darkness light shines
Travel through space, through time
Sacred Energy lines
Shaping your face & mine

So you can see the beauty through eternity
So you can see the Prana flow, through the Chakras of us all
Now let me see your soul…

Life Shines @ Root Chakra
Instinct Shines @ Sacrum Chakra
Power Shines @ Navel Chakra
Love Shines @ Heart Chakra
Truth Shines @ Throat Chakra
Knowledge Shines @ Third Eye Chakra
Divine Shines @ Crown Chakra
& You, you Shine
Shine Blu

From great chaos wisdom arises
Sparkling through your eyes
From silence a symphony rises
Inspired of paradise

So we can hear angel voices, in endless choruses
So we can hear the eternal om, all across the universe
Now let me hear you om…

Life Shines @ Muladhara
Instinct Shines @ Svadhishthana
Power Shines @ Manipura
Love Shines @ Anahata
Truth Shines @ Vishuddha
Knowledge Shines @ Ajna
Divine Shines @ Sahasrara
& You, you Shine
Om Shine

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