Free: Kraven Magazine 02.01- Confidence Grows As Judgments Goes

Kraven Magazine is the unifying voice of gay men around the world. With section uniques as Well-being, Queer Social Justice, Psychology, an original gay novel together with fitness, Fashion, Relationship, Cuisine, travel and exclusives interviews bringing you the best of gay lifestyle.

Read Nathan’s 3 pages article “Confidence Grows As Judgments Goes” on page 17!
Everybody can learn & benefit from it, no matter what is your level of inner-confidence or sexual orientation. 

Now iPhone and iPad users are able to download the Kraven Magazine app on the iTunes store and access all issues for free at

Get it now & also read Nathan’s previous articles!

You can also access the current issue on the website from any device at

Kraven Magazine 02.01.jpg

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