Kraven Magazine April 2013 – The Leisure Of The Soul

Nathan is proud to present his second article for the enlightened GLBT Kraven Magazine!

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Here is a excerpt of Nathan’s article “The Leisure Of The Soul” from the March issue, Theme “Entertainment”. Discover how to embrace spirituality through music, movies, books, social gatherings, sports & more:

“What activities do you like to do for fun? No matter what it is, remember that there is always a possible spiritual way of enjoying it! Who said spirituality cannot be fun? Somehow, it makes you feel so good inside, and so alive, that it is truly enjoyable for your soul. After all, when you grow in the spiritual realm, when you achieve a new level of consciousness or vibration – you feel like celebrating!

Here are five different types of entertainments and the ethereal ways of embracing them. You should definitely consider trying them to enhance your level of pleasure and experience of life!

This medium contains the best aspects to elevate your soul. As we are music, it connects with our inner vibrations and can be very uplifting. When you listen to a track, feel the melody from within, feel it in your heart. Let it take you to a trance where you can expand your soul…”

Blu Nathan - The Leisure Of The Soul - Kraven Magazine April 2013

Blu Nathan – The Leisure Of The Soul – Kraven Magazine April 2013

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