Kraven Magazine March 2013 – Sprituality Is The New Sexy

Nathan is proud to present his collaboration with the enlightened GLBT Kraven Magazine!

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Here is a excerpt of Nathan’s article “Spirituality Is The New Sexy” from the March issue, Theme “Bad Boys”:

“You may be attracted to his beauty, just for the image it projects, yet it is the strength of his vibration that is so charismatic. Whether he evokes danger or peace, chaos or balance, these aspects symbolize power. When these characteristics are mastered, they express confidence through the entire being. From deep within his soul, it reflects on his body and aura. As we all are sensitive to these energies, we easily pick up on it. In order to connect with him you must then also embody the same level of confidence. We all hold the key to embrace the evolving charismatic being within us.

Where to start? How about a spiritual journey – for that is the true path of humanity. Spiritually is a true connection with your inner-self and the universe, and therefore, it is simple and accessible to all…”

Blu Nathan - Spirituality Is The New Sexy - Kraven Magazine March 2013

Blu Nathan – Spirituality Is The New Sexy – Kraven Magazine March 2013

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